Get you summer time smooth on! Try our SUGAR SCRUBS

Bossy gloss


Bossy gloss keeps your lips lusciously soft, shiny and moisturized in our new wand tubes - without the stickiness !

Sparkling Rosé - sheer pink with sparkle

On Da Fly - clear gloss that everyone needs

Snow Globe - glittery sparkly wonderland

Frappuccino, Latté, Sweet T .
Pair them with your favourite lip liner or wear them on their own.

Frappuccino & Latté are more opaque
Sweet T is sheer bronze with pink undertones and glitter

Devilish Diva- Burnt red with that brick orange undertones

Scarlett A - every woman needs that 1 red in there collection highly pigmented

Berry Wine- the perfect berry with deep red under tones . Perfect for fall or winter

Candy Cane Kiss- if you want a lip plumper this one is it